Forgotten Hearts

Main Characters: (appearing in the whole story)

Annia :

Real Name:

Age: 12 / 16 / 25

Hair / Eyes: Red

If she remembers her own name, her memories are however very confuse, she only remembers waking up in a destroyed laboratory, surrounded by corpses. Since then, she flees, and for her greatest displeasure, she ends up in the biggest country in the world where everything, even their strange language, seems to nag her. She is taken in an orphanage, poor but managed by a sincere couple and meets Mathilda there, who will follow her in her adventures, above all as guide. Of introvert nature, Annia is not of the kind to open up to others and especially not to rely on them, Mathilda will moreover help her a lot to open up and to accept the fact that not all people are profiteers. The only ones she seems to be able to trust are animals, who will help her survive countless times.
In Russia, some will nickname her 'Krasnaya' because of her red hair and eyes.


Real Name:

Age: 7 / 11 / 20

Hair / Eyes : Auburn / red

Annia's younger brother, he was separated from her very early and lived at first in a guarded laboratory in France. During an attempt to run away, he met Aaron Wechsler who saved him and became his adoptive father. When the latter died, Josuah curled up completely on himself and decided to attack the organization which looks for him on his own rather than to run away all the time. He looks desperately for his sister. As a child, he was a very introvert person, who didn't speek to anyone but the people closest to him and animals, which he trusts absolutely.

Characters of the first volume (the story taking place on a quite large number of years, the characters can change. These descriptions thus refer only to the first volume) :

'The Child' :

Real name: ?

Age : 11

Hair / Eyes : Auburn / red

Strange child detained in a secret laboratory, he seems endowed with big powers of telekinesis. Being considered as a subject, his codename is "project  N° AES-A2 ". Treated well but lovelessly, he became extremely introvert and developed an irascible character. He hates adults and relies on none of them, except Aaron, whom he will have to learn to trust.... 

Aaron Wechsler :

Age: indefinite... he seems about fourty, but his past seems to go much further back... 

Hair / Eyes : Dark brown / gray

Strange man who travels through Europe in search of paranormal events. He meets the child during one of his adventures and saves his life, by destroying the spirit which had taken over him. Understanding that the child is retained against his will and intrigued by his powers, he decides to free him. He seems to possess big powers too... 

Jean De Pruvier (pronounce : ge-awn de pru-vi-ay):

Age : 56

Hair / Eyes : Gray / brown

Director of the French section of the 'Howling Wolf Corporation', he has the heavy responsibility of being in charge of subject N° AES-A2, which turns out to be not as simple as he had first thought ... He does not really know how to act with this child, he would prefer to get along with him and improve his relationship with the rest of the team but he is criticized because too clement and this weakness almost cost him very much when the child managed to run away... When the latter arrived at the facility, he was only second in charge and his superior treated the little boy as an object, what almost killed him... In order to save him, he had no other choice than to kill his superior who refused to listen to reason! His act was accepted by the parent company, but, in return, the slightest error would lead him to a certain death...

Marc Taussier (pronounce to-ssi-ay):

Age : 35

Hair / Eyes  : Light Brown / Blue
Second-man of Jean De Pruvier, he aims for his place since his appointment at the domain.... Having no compassion and having no interest in getting along with the main experiment subject, he does not trouble himself with the moods of his superior to whom he moreover gives dry orders, making one wonder who is still the boss... Although distinguished, his acts remain single-minded: all those who oppose to him or disturb him die.... 

'The Shrink' :

Age : 31

Hair / Eyes : Ash fair blond / Green

Psychologist hired by Pruvier to take care of the child. At first, he had been hired 'to take care of a too introvert rich kid', for a very nice salary. When he first arrived at the domain, the real situation of the child was explained to him and he was held to secrecy by threat. Desperate to have fallen in a large-scale illegal project and to be deprived of his freedom, he managed to cope with it when he saw the unenviable fate of the child, much worse than his. He thus now works only for his little patient, and of all his 'guardians', he seems to be the only one wanting to help him....